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TBF truck body parts suppliers have our own research and development team for custom truck body parts, truck body fittings and HGV body parts.

For 18 years, truck body fittings supplier has been focusing on the manufacture of truck body parts, commercial vehicle body fittings and HGV body parts, such as box truck parts, curtain sider parts and roll up shutter doors. Our truck body parts wholesale factory is the largest and safest manufacturer in China. The customers of TBF tipper body parts suppliers are located in 85 countries and regions, with a total of 2675 customers.


Welcome the samples and drawings to customize, TRUCK BODY FITTINGS CO.,LTD (TBF truck body parts manufacturers) will provide you with first-class service with high quality custom truck parts, hgv body parts and commercial vehicle body fittings etc., and perfect after-sales service.


1. Communication and negotiation before cooperation

2. Communication and confirmation in production

3. Confirm customer needs during cooperation

4. Collaborate

5. Product delivery

6. Installation and use

7. Customer use

8. Rave reviews


Chairman of TRUCK BODY FITTINGS CO., LTD(TBF) Jinping Li: only by sticking to the original intention can we reach the other shore of success.


TBF are professional truck body parts suppliers for custom truck parts, lorry body parts and  HGV body parts. High-quality truck body parts, vehicle body fittings and cargo trailer parts products. From an obscure salesman, to head of the most complete varieties, the largest commercial vehicle intelligent accessories enterprise, along the way, Jinping Li as many successful entrepreneurs, experienced labour pains, across the bottom of life, finally use the heart to stick to the "integrity, focus, professional" faith, lead themselves and their family members of the team will TRUCK BODY FITTINGS CO., LTD (TBF) to the international market.


"Attitude determines altitude" is Jinping li's consistent saying. Even though his first job after graduation is far from what he expected, he still regards "attitude determines altitude" as a piece of golden advice to motivate himself to move forward.

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