TBF is a professional custom commercial truck body parts supplier and vehicle body fittings manufacturer.


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Chairman of TRUCK BODY FITTINGS CO.,LTD(TBF) Jinping Li: only by sticking to the original intention can we reach the other shore of success.


From an obscure salesman , to head of the  most complete varieties, the largest commercial vehicle intelligent accessories enterprise, along the way, Jinping Li  as many successful entrepreneurs, experienced labor pains, across the bottom of life, finally use heart to stick to the "integrity, focus, professional" faith, lead themselves and their family members of the team will TRUCK BODY FITTINGS CO.,LTD(TBF)to the international market.


 "Attitude determines altitude" is jinping li's consistent saying. Even though his first job after graduation is far from what he expected, he still regards "attitude determines altitude" as a golden advice to motivate himself to move forward.The first day of school, a university business management specialized graduation Jinping Li  came to the Shanghai company to apply for English teachers, backfire, wanted to Jinping Li  did not work in the teachers' teaching, revising the English books but bear the sales job, even can't get it, Jinping Li  still earnestly to treat his first job, he first "group sales top the honor" proves himself.


Be engaged in sale after working for a few months, the Jinping Li  that has commercial mind naturally scented the opportunity that wisdom auto parts industry, after considering twice, he aimed the vision at field of special car intelligence fittings.From the beginning to the full wing, Jinping Li  benefited a lot from the growth process and benefited his whole life. Facing a series of problems such as the lack of staying power, insufficient capital, lack of core technology and unstable team, Jinping Li  overcame one by one."The special vehicle smart parts industry was introduced from Europe to China. Due to the lack of technology, the initial stage was difficult. Nevertheless, my business partners and I decided to go out and see the outside world.""We scraped together enough money to go to Belgium on tourist visas to look at other people's accessories.Faced with the dilemma of being unfamiliar and not being introduced, we arrived in Belgium only to watch the wisdom auto parts on the side of the road and learn from others' design concepts and styles.When I see a car parked on the side of the road, I sketch it."

"It's human nature to deal with difficulties," Mr. Li said.It is precisely because of unremitting efforts and persistence that Jinping Li  led his colleagues to win the recognition of the industry with "integrity, focus and professionalism". Since 2005, TRUCK BODY FITTINGS CO.,LTD(TBF) fourteen years fighting endeavor, to "help" more Chinese car companies to go into the international market as own duty, in order to "quality of casting brand integrity leads the future" for the purpose of the enterprise, has been running in the domestic commercial vehicle intelligent accessories on the path to "pursue", has become the most complete varieties, the largest commercial vehicle intelligent accessories one of enterprise.

Till now, TRUCK BODY FITTINGS CO.,LTD(TBF) has its own research and development team and marketing team, and has won eight patents including appearance design patent, utility model patent and so on, with roller slider, self-elastic nylon slider, connecting plate and intelligent shutter door slider.The company has a quality management system certification, products are exported to more than 30 countries and regions in the world, more than 2,600 domestic customers, the production and sales of the world's leading commercial vehicle intelligent parts industry.At present, TRUCK BODY FITTINGS CO.,LTD(TBF) has achieved internationalization in brand, product, marketing, management, manufacturing, supply and other elements.

Now,Jinping Li has already had own research and development team, mastered a series of core technologies in the field of intelligent accessories for special cars, he said that he will make persistent efforts to lead the enterprise to become a famous enterprise praised by the world, and let the world cheer for "made in China"!

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