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These video will show our custom car parts products production lines, such as r & d design, raw materials, die-casting, drilling, stamping, key making, polishing, electroplating, assembly, quality control, packaging, etc. they also show the spirit of our company and the business philosophy of our founders. This will help you understand our products and business. Professional truck body fittings, paddle latch manufacturers & suppliers.

Truck body fitting co.,ltd produces and develops motor shutter doors, and holds a number of patented technologies.

Fifteen years of spring and autumn, for young man, is a journey to youth;Fifteen years of spring and autumn, for an enterprise, is a start-up to grow butterfly change.

TBF produce two kinds of this doors by wooden and ALU,it is very strong and durable.

TBF produce two kinds of rolling doors for cars and cabinets,There are left and right open, up and down open, flat push, rolling, "N" type multiple open mode.

1) Design and r&d capability -- there are 10 r&d personnel, among which VINSON has been engaged in vehicle parts industry for 20 years

In order to obtain the best extrusion surface quality of aluminum profiles, it is very important to produce high-quality molds

according to the corresponding proportion with aluminum ingots, intermediate alloy and other raw materials.

Truck Body Fittings Co., Ltd. have a full return of production, under the condition of stagnant in the first half of the year, growth in the second half of the orders soon

TBF has its own research and development team and marketing team, and has won eight patents including appearance design patent, utility model patent and so on.

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