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How to guard against COVID-19 when working

How to guard against COVID-19 when working


-1, keep a distance from others in line and seats, wear a mask throughout, and try to avoid touching common parts.-2, keep your hands clean at all times. Wash your hands before eating and after using the toilet.-3, your carry fast hand disinfectants and disinfection wet wipes, every moment of the disinfection.-4-,home to also want to partition. Go home to his coat and shoes at the door of the special area.-5,if you come back from key areas or pass by to declare, home observation for 14 days.-6, a hotel to stay single, don't two people share, call for room for dinner.-7, ready to dry wet paper towels, electrolysis, open the door handle all across the dry towel, into the room with a wet towel after disinfection surface first.-8, don't go more than eight, if you are unwell, suspension travel immediately, timely medical treatment.


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