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IAA TBF Has Exhibited

IAA TBF Has Exhibited


In 2012, TBF entered the 63rd Hanover international commercial vehicle and parts exhibition (IAA) for the first time. Two years later, on September 22, 2014, TBF entered the IAA exhibition again, and intelligent "made in China" products were sold by customers from different countries.

The international commercial vehicle and parts show (IAA) is held every two years in Hanover, Germany. It is the oldest exhibition in Germany.First held in 1897, the exhibition has a history of more than 100 years and is one of the oldest professional exhibitions in the world.Previous Hanover commercial auto show area of nearly 250000 square meters, 2300 companies from around the world, shows the latest technology and development trends of this field, received more than 200 world-class invention award, attracted about 300000 professional audiences to visit 110 countries and more than 50 countries media reporters to come for a visit.TBF, on behalf of the most comprehensive and largest commercial vehicle intelligent parts enterprises in China, participated in the top event in the commercial vehicle field of Hanover.

Hannover international commercial vehicle and parts exhibition provides a platform for international communication for people who love commercial vehicles in the world. The exhibition showcases the complete vehicles and parts of commercial vehicles, buses, trucks and heavy vehicles.In the first exhibition in 2012, TBF company saw the advanced technology of international big brands and set the lofty goal of "making products that make people give thumbs up".TBF with two years of time, continuous learning, innovation, two years later, when once again boarded the booths of IAA, TBF products attract exhibitors the sidelines in the world, you have picked up the product carefully watch every detail, from the weld to the processing of each burr, all let it be a thumbs-up, IAA exhibition in 2014, the TBF harvest 12 orders, customers in eight countries and regions.